The Heretics (2009)

Directed by Joan Braderman
Written by Joan Braderman
Produced by Joan Braderman
Producer Crescent Diamond
Executive producer Bob Reckman

Original Music by June Millington, Lee Madeloni, and Tony Silva
Film Editing by Scott Hancock
Art Direction by Joan Braderman, Molly McLeod, Jeff Striker

The Heretics was scored primarily by the rock legend June Millington, but I contributed three pieces. This great documentary chronicles the efforts of a group of women artists in the 1970’s who made their voices heard in a environment dominated and controlled by men. Their work changed the art world forever.


The Heretics uncovers the inside story of the Second Wave of the Women’s Movement for the first time in a feature film or video. Joan Braderman, director and narrator, follows her dream of becoming a filmmaker to New York City in 1971. By chance, she joins a feminist art collective at the epicenter of the 1970’s art world in lower Manhattan. In her first person account, THE HERETICS charts the history of a feminist collective from the inside out.

The Founding

New York

The Sex Issue

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MoMa’s Heretics page

These video clips were used by permission of the filmmaker Joan Braderman.

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