Island Films presents

Amos Ferguson Match Me if you Can (2011)

Edited by Scott Hancock
Original Score by Tony Silva
Featured Music by Ruppa PumPum & Fred Ferguson
Produced, Directed and Photographed by
Karen Arthur & Thomas Neuwirth

Amos Ferguson Match Me If You Can is the third film in a series about artists from the Bahamas. I was happy to create an island feel, but I also had the opportunity to write more cinematic orchestration. This film won the First Look prize for Best Feature at the Bahamas international Film Festival 2011.


Amos Ferguson, Match me if you can, pays tribute to this highly spiritual Bahamian intuitive artist known for his brilliantly colored paintings of island ritual, fauna, flora & scenes from the Bible.

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War Years



Central Bank

End Credits

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These video clips were used by permission of the filmmaker Karen Arthur.


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