Island Films presents

Brent Malone, Father of Bahamian Art (2011)

Edited by Scott Hancock
Original Score by Tony Silva
Featured Music by Ruppa PumPum
Produced, Directed and Photographed by
Karen Arthur & Thomas Neuwirth

Brent Malone, Father of Bahamian Art is the second film in a series about artists from the Bahamas. He was a man I felt I could connect to personally, so scoring his documentary was easy. The music is from the heart.


Brent Malone, Father of Bahamian Art is a tribute documentary that honors the life & works of a master visual artist. Fellow artists & friends speak of the significance of Brent Malone’s contribution to the development of fine art in the Bahamas. Interviews, still photographs & archival footage are inter-cut with paintings by the artist. This documentary is a celebration of Brent Malone’s life & dedication to the world of Bahamian art.


Shelly 01

Shelly 02

Struggling Artist

The 1960’s

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These video clips were used by permission of the filmmaker Karen Arthur.

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