2014 Moondance International Film Festival

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Walking in Two Worlds earned its first award – The Seven Seas Award is for a winning project created by writers, filmmakers & composers, who enlighten others, help change perceptions about another culture and/or place, and promote cross-cultural knowledge and awareness, through the art of film, writing or music, and, thus, encourage a better understanding of the world’s people. The Moondance Film Festival is in Colorado


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  • BStroup

    Your library presentation on 9/22 was thoroughly wonderful – you showed your passion for this music (and for all music) and your comments were exactly what I would have asked you explain about the unique characteristics of Spanish/S.A. music. Your playing is infectious and uplifting and your vocals were one more delight in a concert far too short ! I will be looking for more music like this to complement my tendency toward the Baroque and Renaissance. Thank you so much.

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