Reflections of Spanish Guitar

After over a decade of learning to perform some of the most beloved music from Spain and Latin America, Tony Silva is releasing a CD of original music based on these traditional styles.
If you are a fan of the Gipsy Kings, you will not want to miss this as most of the music on the CD is in the style of Rumba Flamenca.

“These instrumental songs were composed over a period of 5 years sitting in my studio in Western Massachusetts while my heart and mind traveled the valleys and mountains of South America and southern Spain.

You will hear romantic melodies, contemplative cinematic scores and driving rhythms that will make you get up and dance. Come along on this trip of Música de Ida y Vuelta (music of coming and going).

My intention is to bring you along on this journey through a panoply of landscapes, emotions and images. You’ll feel whole, connected and satisfied.”


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