Dance Accompaniment

Tony Silva has accompanied dance classes in the Five College consortium in western MA since 2004. Before that he was himself a dancer for 20 years.

Silva earned a BFA in dance from the University of Massachusetts in 1994 and moved to NYC to choreograph, perform and teach dance for the next nine years. This experience left him uniquely qualified to accompany dance classes as he understands the needs of both dancers and teachers.

Silva has been greatly aided by mentors Peter Jones and Mike Vargas in his development as an accompanist. He has played master classes for David Dorfman, Lisa Race, Liz Lerman, Darrell Jones, Tommy Neblett, Keith Thompson, Paul Matteson, Adele Myers, Marjorie Folkman, Adisa Weeks, Donlin Foreman, Angie Hauser, Paul Dennis, as well as many long-time Five College faculty members. He plays for improvisers at Earthdance in Plainfield, and at Valley Improvisational Dance And Music (VIDAM), in Northampton, MA.

Tony blends electronics with acoustic instruments to produce a punchy mix that motivates dancers. He creates rich sonic atmospheres with a wide variety of instruments from synthesizers, percussion and chimes, to guitar and flutes.

Liz Lerman master class at Hampshire College Spring 2010

Liz Lerman master class at Hampshire College Spring 2010

Silva Music for Dance Class CD series is in the works.
For a list of commissioned dance scores since 1990, click here.


Tony Silva with Jake Maginsky, Mike Vargas, Peter Jones and Paul Arslanian. Tony has been a Five College Dance accompanist since 2004.

“Sometimes I feel Tony’s music works as a light house, guiding me where to go and what to do with my body.”

Haeyoon Chung, Smith Student

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