After over a decade of learning to perform some of the most beloved music from Spain and Latin America,
Tony Silva is releasing a CD of original music based on these traditional styles.
If you are a fan of the Gipsy Kings, you will not want to miss this as most of the music on the CD is in the style of Rumba Flamenca.

On this instrumental CD you will hear romantic melodies, contemplative cinematic scores and driving rhythms that will make you want to dance. Many of these rhythms are in the style of Rumba Flamenca from Andalusia, Spain. Using traditional playing techniques, some songs are inspired by South American melodies I listened to as child. My intention is to take you on a journey through a panoply of landscapes, images and emotions.



Zen Garage fuses deep cultural traditions with improvisation to weave aural poems of imaginary worlds. The musicians realized at their first meeting that there was a rare simpatico. That deep connection is what makes this CD so special.

Artist of the Bahamas

Artists of the Bahamas – The Music is a collection of 34 songs from from Island Films’ documentary series “Artists of the Bahamas,” “Brent Malone – The Father of Bahamian Art,” and “Amos Ferguson – Match Me if You Can.” Caribbean themes run throughout.

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